Working with Cal-Adapt Data in ArcGIS Pro and R

Cal-Adapt contains a wealth of peer reviewed climate data for planners and researchers. The Cal-Adapt website offers a broad range of tools to visualize and download data, but some users would like to work with the data on their own for custom visualizations and analysis. Working with Cal-Adapt data in software like ArcGIS Pro or R can be tricky though. Just getting Cal-Adapt data into these platforms requires that you know how to specify the datasets you want and where to find them, navigate a download process, and deal with format and projection issues.

Fortunately, all of this just got a little bit easier.

Webinar Details

The webinar will introduce two new tools that facilitate the process of working with Cal-Adapt data in ArcGIS Pro and the statistical programming environment R. The webinar will cover:

  • Why you might want to work with Cal-Adapt data in GIS and R
  • Options for importing Cal-Adapt data into ArcGIS and R, including the new Python library and toolbox for ArcGIS, and the caladaptR package for R
  • Tips and tricks for managing data formats and projections
  • How to integrate the functions of and caladaptR into your existing workflow
  • How you can try out and give feedback on and caladaptR

Please email Andy Lyons at with any questions.

Event Details

Registration Link Thursday, November 12
1:00pm - 2:00pm (PST)
Online - Link will be emailed to registrants