Introducing the new Extreme Precipitation Tool on Cal-Adapt

Webinar Description

The California Energy Commission and UC Berkeley’s Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF) are jointly hosting a public webinar to introduce users to our new Extreme Precipitation tool and to solicit input on the continued development of this and other tools on Cal-Adapt. Cal-Adapt is an interactive, publicly accessible web-based application providing easy-to-understand visualizations of locally relevant climate-related risks that enable users to explore research results and climate projections.

This webinar will describe the methodology used to identify extreme precipitation events for this tool, and introduce the new features available to users. An extreme weather event is an occurrence that is significantly different from typical weather at a specific location and time of year. Infrastructure and systems that are designed to be resilient to historical extremes may not be prepared for the extreme events associated with a changing climate. The new Cal-Adapt Extreme Precipitation tool allows users to investigate what extreme events are projected to look like in the future by providing simple measurements of the intensity and frequency of events of different durations for the historical and future climate scenarios.

From this webinar, we hope to provide an opportunity for interactive dialogue and information sharing to ensure that an expanded Cal-Adapt can directly support local climate change action and decision making.

The goals of this webinar are to:

  • Introduce participants to the new Extreme Precipitation tool including underlying methodology used for extreme value analysis.
  • Gather feedback regarding the Extreme Precipitation tool and identify additional features that might be helpful to users.
  • Invite feedback and discussion on additional new tools, visualizations, or features that can help support local climate adaptation and resilience planning.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019
Time: 12:30-1:30, Pacific Standard Time
Event number: 926 010 968
Event password: meeting@1230
Event address for attendees: Link to WebEx

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